HOUM brand is the third brainchild of Gard Inc, a reputable establishment known for outstanding innovation. Founded in 2001, our initial venture in the industrial and commercial sector was expanded into the domestic segment in 2015. HOUM specializes in delivering consumer electronics and home solutions of excellent standards. We offer modern living products designed and engineered to complement today’s lifestyle.

HOUM’s combination of visual appeal and contemporary functionality brings new life into the home atmosphere whilst ensuring minimum environmental footprint. Consumers remain the heartbeat of our brand and the driving force in continuous innovation of quality solutions. Home transformation is possible with our compact and sleek accompaniments.


First brand established – Kleengard
Waste disposal for the industrial & commercial sector


Second brand founded – Airegard
Ventilators, HVLS fans & hand dryers for the industrial & commercial sector


Third brand created – Houm
Home electronics/solutions for the domestic sector


To transform the home living experience with our home consumer products that combine aesthetics and functionality.


We aim to be at the forefront of home consumer solutions in the Asian region and beyond.Core Values


Consumer needs are placed first as we aim to make life easier at home.


R&D is always ongoing to create new solutions & enhance existing products in the market.


Minimalistic design is our core feature because we believe that “less is more”.