Persatuan Tadika Malaysia (Malaysian Association of Kindergartens) or PTM as it fondly called, is the pioneer organisation involved in pre-school education in Malaysia. It has contributed greatly to the training of pre-school children throughout the country.

Formation and History of PTM

PTM had its early beginnings at a national seminar cum workshop on pre-school education where Miss Constance White, an Education Ministry official, raised the need for an association to spearhead the upgrading of pre-school education in the country. Subsequently, the inaugural meeting of PTM was held on 25 August 1973 at Fatima Kindergarten in Kuala Lumpur. Sister Denise Paquette was elected the first Chairman of the Association at this meeting, which was attended by over 160 members. Today, PTM’s membership has increased and continues to attract more members each year.

Goals of PTM

For Children

Since its inception, PTM has strived to look into the physical, cognitive, emotional, moral and social development of pre-school children. To this end PTM has continued to work closely with the Ministry of Education and the National Pre – School Curriculum to implement continual improvements. PTM members have also contributed time and effort to help upgrade the facilities at poor rural and urban kindergartens.

For Parents

PTM recognises the fact that parents play a very important role in the overall development of their children. Hence, one of its main aims is the provision of services that will assist parents in widening their parenting skills through short talks by various child experts on child-related issues

For Operators

To ensure that facilities and the environment of a kindergarten are conducive for learning, PTM assists in the setting-up of kindergartens by providing advice whenever needed.

For Pre-school Teachers

PTM has always placed great emphasis on the training of quality pre-school teachers. PTM has developed a pre-school skills training course to equip pre-school teachers in the private sector to meet the needs of the children. The course is in line with the National Pre-School Curriculum.


PTM is managed by an Executive Committee and headed by a Chairman. Its advisor, Dr. Ling Chu Poh has been contributing to the association since its early days. There are committee members to represent the parents, teachers and operators. As the children of today will become the adults of tomorrow, PTM and its members have a vital role to play in the delivery of quality pre-school education to help ensure that “quality” adults are developed for the future.